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Warrior Girls The Beginning / ASIN: B07NSJHHZ5 / ASIN: B07P2FGTBJ
MT Bostick, author
On Planet Kateri in the year 2317, two young women, Marceline and Kayla, are celebrating their early graduation from high school. This will be their last night on planet before they leave for the galactic military. They meet wo young men at the party. They force the two young women to an abandoned mine, for their own purposes. Marceline and Kayla break free and make their escape but tell no one. The young men are found murdered and Marceline and Kayla become the sheriff’s prime suspects. Law enforcement zeros in on the friends. In a desperate attempt to prove their innocence the young women begin their own investigation. The killer is going to ensure they are convicted for his crimes or make them his next two victims. Can Marceline and Kayla survive the justice system, and the real killer? Or will a desert mine shaft be their forever home?