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We Are Monsters
Ayan Ghosh, author
This story revolves around a man named Tex Alexon. It is the 22nd century. After waking up in a hospital, not aware of the place, not aware of the time, he realizes that he can’t recollect his past. When he sees across the room and finds a woman, who is dead. Doctors say that she was his wife but he doesn’t seem to recollect any memory of her. The man enjoys just about 3 hours of confusion driving him crazy before he is arrested when the cops find out that he had himself killed his wife. Resisting arrest, he manages to escape and meets a group called the Havers. He finds out that the world has changed. There is no more democracy. The society has been segregated into Patricians and Plebeians. The Patricians are the rich and privileged people who live in levitating settlements called the Patrician cities. The people living below them are the Plebeians who live in slums. The Patricians make their money by selling the last source of energy, solar energy, and making the gap between the rich and the poor more and more. The Havers share common interests with Tex as he realizes that this has to be put to an end. He works hard enough and helps in making the Plebeian life better. Eventually, he falls in love with one of the Havers named Megan and joins the Havers. It isn’t long before Megan and Tex get married. After they become like a family, Tex realizes that there is a rat in the Havers who works for the Patricians. He takes out all the suspects by killing them, which are all extremely hard tasks as they are the closest thing he has to family, especially one of the guys named John. After a mission that goes wrong, all the Havers get compromised and he finds out that Megan was the rat in the Havers. He gains back his memory with the help of technology and remembers Megan controlling him with brain implants and making him shoot his previous wife. He swears revenge and runs away. After 13 years, Megan has been married to the president of the Patrician city, and Tex has yet not forgotten his legacy. He finds Megan, pins her down and does the same thing that she had done to him, putting brain implants. Then, Tex controls Megan and makes her kill her husband, the president. Then he lifts his gun in front of Megan and he is confronted by the few words that changed his life. “No matter how Advanced we get, we are monsters.” He kills her, as he can’t bear her anymore. Then he thinks about what he had done. Revenge had driven him crazy, and made him kill more than 3 innocent people, who were the very few close people in his life. Finally, he has to bear the truth that he is no better than the monster that killed his actual wife or he can just start a fresh life by taking a bullet to the head. He chooses the easy path.