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We are the Kings
A tribute to family history, We are the Kings (Bold Story Press, March 1, 2022) shows the difference in women's struggles across two generations of women. While Marcella is sifting through her family’s conflicting and fading memories, she puts into words what no one else will say out loud, revealing not only what may or may not have happened, but what is truly at stake when a woman tells her story. “​​He responded by shrugging back at me with the kind of male indifference that is indicative of someone who needs to be punched in the temple and not someone who’s complicated and interesting.” The strength and resilience of women shines in this author's debut novel. With themes of feminism, domestic space, and women's invisibility, this story delivers headstrong, driven characters that carry readers through the bonds between women. It shows how women rely on each other through trauma, grief, joy, and the journey to find themselves from childhood to adulthood.