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Dustin Ogle
Dustin Ogle, author
Here lies the path to finding out who you really are, what you really want, and how to get it. No one can give you those answers, but this book shows you how to find them and how to use them. That is becoming. With one straightforward method, you will quickly gain the tools and perspectives needed to free yourself from any illusions and ideological possessions that keep you imprisoned. Together, we will use practical information to make you the master of your thoughts, body, emotions, and environment. Through the practices that I have designed, you will take action and learn from yourself how to move forward into the unknown toward your greatness and success. On this journey, you will reveal true happiness, confidence, self-reliance, inspiration, motivation, optimism, and all the other things that may have seemed elusive before. Everything you think, do, and experience will become deeply meaningful. Once you start this approach, you will be surprised to discover just how accessible positive change is. You may experience an overwhelming cocktail of relief, excitement, grief, and hope. Be prepared to feel like a child in the world's mystery again, and then the zeal of inspiration like it's the first time. You will hardly believe the powers you have possessed this whole time as you are wielding them to reshape the world around you, almost like a god or wizard from one of those fantastic stories we sometimes escape to. "I have taken this path and led others down it before you. The results are much greater than any of us could have imagined. The path is straightforward, and the results are quick enough. It isn't easy, however. This may be the greatest challenge you will ever face and, thus, the greatest victory you could ever achieve." Dustin Ogle This text includes useful wisdom from all corners of the world, from the ages to modern times. It intentionally avoids relying on or criticizing religious dogma or ideological membership of any kind.
“Something exceptional inside of us is waiting to be unlocked” writes Ogle in this functional debut, as he offers readers simple steps to release their full potential. He starts with the power of our thought patterns, teaching “sustained intentional thinking” as a strategy to channel energy and take action, encouraging readers to reframe the way they view stress and daily obligations. Meditation is the first step, Ogle asserts, in learning to divert our focus to the present, and, rather than teach readers to override their inner drives, he instead counsels them to “use the energy from our drives to power us forward.”

The material feels simple, but Ogle is onto something in this straightforward guide. “Don’t seek to eliminate stress,” he advises, “instead, put it under your superintendence.” Though basic, that’s a refreshing approach to handling life’s ups and downs, and one that reverberates throughout Ogle’s writing. He advises that readers can learn how to manage their response to fear and master self-discipline—which he calls “persistent developmental resolve”—as well, encouraging his followers to pour their energy into creating a vision for the near future. Once that vision is solidified, Ogle suggests a “future map,” or detailed calendar, with “places to be, activities to do, and cues for thoughts and feelings you want to have.”

To help drive his advice home, Ogle includes step by step exercises throughout, though some of his techniques may seem unusual (he recommends cold-water immersion to develop a tolerance for pain and suggests psychotropic trips as a key step in awakening, for starters). Intimate relationships are a huge plus, he writes, as is rewarding yourself for a job well done—though he cautions readers to make the focus on the “anticipation and challenges themselves as the primary reward.” Those willing to put in the hard work required for change will appreciate Ogle’s approach.

Takeaway: Unconventional approach to creating the future you want.

Comparable Titles: Brianna Wiest’s The Mountain Is You, Benjamin Hardy’s Be Your Future Self Now.

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