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Lee Boutell
We Can Change the World: An Intimate Journey Through the Early 1970s
Lee Boutell, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

In the 1970s groups of idealistic boomers collaborated to change the world through creativity, by taking risks and establishing new ways to organize and live outside of the “establishment.” Loving personal freedom above almost all else, these young people saw the “establishment” as too oppressive and unhealthy, with little inclination to improve. But change is what these young people brought about and the world has not looked the same since. The story focuses on the creation and development of the Eggsnatchur Natural Foods Restaurant that served high-quality organic food to customers in Eugene, Oregon, the first such restaurant in the area and a pioneer in the burgeoning local food manufacturing scene. The partnership became a profit-sharing cooperative who shook things up and challenged the social and political powers of the day. They took risks and sometimes broke the rules. And they had the time of their lives.