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We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century
We the Presidents is a non-traditional presidential history. Imagine a presidential history spanning Warren G. Harding to Donald Trump that never mentions Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Instead Gruner discusses how the issues which affect Americans today from income inequality, to failed wars, to resurgent nativism and many other current issues have their roots in the actions taken by presidential administrations over the past century. We the Presidents also explores how disparate events from Shay’s Rebellion in 1786 to the Financial Panic of 1907 to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 have altered history and shaped America, and the world. As one reviewer, a senior economist, stated, “We the Presidents is well-crafted, wonderfully readable book that takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the tenures of U.S. presidents over the past 100 years, highlighting the events that have shaped America.” Ronald Gruner has unique qualifications for writing a presidential biography. He understands the challenges and opportunities of chief executives after founding and serving as CEO of three successful technology companies over his forty-year career.