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Blake Hill
Blake Hill, author

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

The seed of this book started with a hug. But at the time of that hug. I didn't realize my life would change forever. She gently pulled me in and whispered these two words, "I'm done." I was completely thrown off guard. I ask her what she meant. What do you mean you're done, done with what? She quietly whispered in my ear, I'm done with us. My heart sank and a numbness of emotions consumed every cell in my body. I couldn't grasp how we could be married for twenty years and now it was over. What about our kids? Divorce was not an option for me. But then again, it takes two for a relationship to be a relationship. The gut wrenching blow of any life-changing experience is truly a time to reach deep within yourself and find out who you truly are and allow that person to come through, so you can experience happiness, peace, joy and love. I waited 16 months before starting the book. I had to live the emotions that would exude from my soul. Yeah, there were some long days and sleepless nights, most nights I didn't want to go to bed. I didn't want to wake up to a new day. There really weren't new days, they all felt used, dirty and embarrassing. I went to war with my emotional self for sixteen months. On the 16th month I felt good but not great even though I thought I was great. I realized that I had accepted divorce but I hadn't forgiven my wife. That thought was my catharsis. Westfalia is a story that embarks in a dream that takes you on a spiritual adventure filled with past, present and future experiences. Within this dream an eccentric character named Charlie, appears in the most challenging situations and helps guide West through his emotional experiences. This adventure is filled with motorcycles, surfing, wing suit flying, snowboarding, bicycles, caves and mountains. Within all these experiences, West has to face anger, self-destruction, fear, denial, courage, forgiveness, and love.