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Moshe Segal
What Humans Perceive as Time and Space are just Facets of Energy
Moshe Segal, author
Did you ever wondered if what we perceive as Time really exists, or is it just an illusion? Did you also ever wondered if what we perceive as Space really exists, or is it also just an illusion? Did you ever wondered from which entities our Universe is actually composed? Would you be surprised to find out that the Universe is actually composed of only one entity? This book analyzes paradoxes and peculiarities in the science of Physics today, and arrives at the following revolutionary conclusion: Time, Space and the Electric Charge are just forms (or facets) of Energy, as Mass is already accepted and recognized as a form of Energy, following the introduction of Einstein's Special Relativity Theory. This boils down to another revolutionary conclusion: The Universe is composed of only one entity, Energy !!! This book is a summary of endeavors, to explain unanswered questions, peculiarities, and paradoxes in the science of Physics today, and its conclusions are revolutionary. These endeavors were already published in several articles, which were also peer reviewed. These papers also propose experiments, which might validate what is presented in these papers and this book. I understand that you accept requests to review books, and these requests refer mostly not to science or physics book. Thus, although it is a Physics book, I hope you will be willing to review it because its content is described in plain language, containing very limited number of equations, and thus, it should be readable and understandable by virtually anyone. Also, because its conclusions are revolutionary, it should be of interest also to the public.