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Elisha Mutholy
What to Expect Fake Tanning for the First Time
The first time of anything is scary, but as they say, nothing venture nothing gain. Same sort of principle with self-tanning. When summer beckons around the corner, it only makes sense to want to wear minimal clothing and head down to the beach embracing your inner summer spirit. And though you may argue that the beach itself is plenty of grounds for tanning, you forget that sun tanning can be quite dangerous, which is why self-tanning is a much better alternative. On that note, fake tanning for the first time can come with a few surprises, but you will soon figure your way out of the tricky areas. Here is a start.

It Does Not Last For Months

No matter what the product you invest in is, you cannot realistically expect a fake tan to last more than a week. 7-8 days is plenty of time for a tanner to linger about, so if you are planning to remain flawlessly bronzed all summer, then you need to work on it at the end of each week. It is not as tedious as you might imagine; especially not with the product options that are out there today. Debunking such expectations is essential to this sort of thing, so best to get that out of the way first.

Skin Prep Offers a Smoother Tan

Basically, if you shower and exfoliate while you shower, you can look forward to Beyoncé-approved bronzed skin. Simply wiping your skin with a damp cloth is not going to cut it. Get your hands on a good scrub and spend time working on areas like your heels and knees, which are more likely to become dry and flaky. Skin prepping creates a better tan, which is the whole point anyway. Plus, you want it to look very natural, and this is an essential part of it. If you do not like how it turned out, do not worry; use a self tanner remover to start over.

It Darkens Once You Are Done

A common mistake many beginners to self-tanning make, is they forget or have no idea at all that the tan darkens after application. So sometimes, they are often misled right after the tan and it is not as dark as they would like it to be, slathering even more on top. The end result is reminiscent of Ross in FRIENDS who had a slight mishap at the tanning salon! The color of any tanning product takes times to develop, so be patient, and wait around till it is fully done. You can always go darker later if you want.

No Rubbing the Skin after the Tan

In other words, you should not exfoliate after your tan is done, until it has completely gone off. You should also be careful about wiping yourself down vigorously after showering. Try pat drying instead. You may not be used to it, so you could by reflex automatically rub the skin instead. Do not use loofahs either. You want to keep the tan away from any roughness, so it will last longer.