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Lia Ocampo
What We Know for Sure
Lia Ocampo, author
This book is the result of what I saw and heard during the many years in the Philippines as I prepared to immigrate and the years since I came to America. It is a compilation of stories from myself and others who came to the United States and the lessons we learned along the way. My mission is to give hope, comfort, and support to future immigrant families as they face the challenges of immigrating. What We Know For Sure features Filipino U.S. Embassy employees who provided long, faithful, and valuable service to the United States Government. In this book, they share the process of coming to America and the truth behind the hard work and sacrifices it takes to stay. It was written for potential immigrants and immigrants, no matter what stage of the process they are in. These stories are here to comfort, inspire, educate, and guide any immigrant throughout his or her journey to the land of the free. I recently fulfilled my “Mission Africa” and was inspired to create another mission called “Mission Philippines" which was eventually the impetus for this first book. ---------------- “Readers will find their stories informative and heart-rendering. A testament to their individual and collective determination to build better lives in America for themselves and their families. They remind us of the importance of humility in starting over in a new land while at the same time demonstrating perseverance amid health scares, loss of family in the Philippines, and career challenges." --- Harry K. Thomas, Jr. --- Former U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines (Retired)

Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020

Although written to inspire fellow Filipinos, this book can inspire anyone who is striving to reach an important or challenging goal. What We Know For Sure, is a very interesting and quick read, that uncovers the sacrifices made by foreign service nationals when transitioning to their new lives in the United States, after roughly 20 years of service for the US government in the Philippines.

What I have found most inspiring from the book, is the relentless faith of these people. When faced with humbling work options and housing arrangements, in the United States, they stayed positive and focused on their goals to give their children a better life. Some even faced illness and yet still held on to their faith.

I really recommend this book to anyone who Is growth-oriented. Change is uncomfortable and you may face opposition and or disappointment, but never lose faith, remain focused on the finish line. Sometimes you even have to make uncomfortable sacrifices, but sacrifice is the essence of commitment.

Fil-Am author releases book about stories of Filipino immigrants

The Philippines and the United States have long-standing relations with strong historical and cultural linkages. In fact, millions of our 'kababayans' are now living in the U.S. But what are the different challenges Filipino immigrants have to face and experience there? Fil-Am author Lia Ocampo put together stories of former Filipino-U.S. embassy employees who chose to live life in the so-called 'Land of the free.'