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Gail Koelln
Author, Illustrator
What Would the Parrot Say?
Gail Koelln, author
Wild parrots are in danger! It would help them if we remember to ask ourselves, “What would the parrot say?” This book will help you to understand why this is important and all about these beautiful birds. You will also discover some of the ways you and your friends can help wild parrots. Some of the money raised from selling this book will be used by One Earth Conservation to save endangered wild parrots.
Jane Edwards, Amazon

An important book about endangered birds

When this book arrived, I sat down immediately to read it. It's a beautiful story that introduces the reality of parrot complexity and the loss of their freedom and community when in captivity. It offers a challenge to readers of all ages to support bird freedom by helping stop poaching, deforestation, and the marketing of birds. The images are beautiful. The author draws from her feet-on-the-ground experience in Central America with one of the world's most dedicated bird veterinarians whose work has been recognized by Jane Goodall. I bought three copies, and I'll buy more.