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What YOU Can Do About Bullying by Max & Zoey

This comic-style guide teaches students in grades 3–5 how to prevent and stop bullying on their own or with adult help. Ostensibly written by the two title characters, the guide covers bullying basics, how to respond to aggression to render it ineffective, ways to get bullying to stop, how to help someone who is being bullied, and how to get an adult to help the right way. The title characters explain and demonstrate the concepts, providing students with easy-to-follow examples they can apply to their own bullying problems. The guide also contains a special section for students in grades K–2, designed to be read with an adult, that teaches younger students basic skills that can help them in their daily social interactions involving the types of aggression common at their grade level and prepares them for the aggression they will face in the upper grades. The guide is a core component of the CirclePoint Bullying Prevention Program and is used by healthcare organizations to teach students about bullying prevention. New for the second edition: easier terms and definitions; text updated for Plain Language compliance. Note: black and white interior illustrations.