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Whatever Happened to Lil' Bobby Burton? A True Adventure
Beginning on the playground as a child, the love of football drove Bobby Burton through his life. Nobody expected 145-pound Bobby to play or survive college football, let alone be MVP. Follow Bobby’s adventures as a college football player, a pro recruit, an Air Force pilot, a Vietnam vet, a survivor of two plane crashes, and a father of six. A true sportsman at heart, Bobby’s humor and sports go hand-in-hand. If you like classic football or true military stories, you'll love this one.
Chris P on Amazon

You will feel like you know Bobby!

Easy read, and when I had completed the book, I really felt that I knew the characters. I felt connected. Interesting man, with an interesting life indeed! - Chris P

Jeanette B on Amazon

Friendship, football, all about it!

Very enjoyable book to read! Loved readying about a man who has accomplished so much in life. If you are a fan of football and military books then you will love this book! Interesting from start to finish! - Jeanette B

Joe DeShon on Amazon

Told in an easy-to-ready, folksy narrative, this book tells the very interesting story of the life of this football player turned Air Force pilot. You won't be disappointed. - Joe DeShon

Marjorie M. Crable on Amazon

Hard to believe one person could achieve so much.

An easy read, really liked the military stuff and how someone described more or less as smallish was so super athletic.

College Football Star and Veteran Featured in Book

“Whatever Happened to Lil’ Bobby Burton?A True Adventure”

Kansas City— April 18, 2019 A non-fiction book published this week tells the true adventures of an unlikely college football MVP. At only 145 pounds, “Lil’ Bobby Burton” was on the receiving end of many touchdown passes thrown by 1950 Loyola University quarterback (and future Pro Hall of Famer) Don Klosterman.

As a Wichita Shocker, the “Mighty Mite” was the 1953 MVP playing offense, defense and punting for nearly 60 minutes each game.

Bobby was recruited by the Philadelphia Eagles, but instead became an air force pilot and deployed all over the world. He survived two plane crashes and kept on flying. He served in Vietnam and retired with more than 20 years of service.

“Whatever Happened to Lil’ Bobby Burton? A True Adventure” is available on in paperback and ebook versions. The author, Becky Brinkley, is a local freelance writer.