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Steven ReidDouglas
When Identity is In Question Motive is The Key

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

A brutal homicide takes place in North Eastern Pennsylvania at a middle class apartment complex in West Mountain View five miles outside of Scranton. When a young woman by the name of Summer Bartelli and the daughter of infamous Mob Boss Marco Bartelli Jr. is found dead in her Morgan Manor Apartment. Homicide detective of more than thirty years Lieutenant Craig Mousillini also known as "Show Stopper" and his partner Sherry Springhouse from the Lackawanna County Homicide Division is called upon to solve the case. Faced with a difficult task in piecing the evidence together, when it comes to finding out whose responsible for Summer's murder because it appears that her murder is similar to an earlier homicide that occurred twelve years ago which ultimately went cold. In the same breath Desmond Jones a Scranton native, and the boyfriend of the victim becomes a person of interest in Summer's murder. Can detectives Mousillini and Springhouse uncover the truth, behind this brutal homicide? And can they uncover the identity of the person involved, that proves to be harder than expected as their investigation progresses? or does the Electric City face the inevitable that a serial killer may be at large in North eastern Pennsylvania? Steven Reid Douglas the author of the ILL-City series turns it up several notches from writing urban fiction with his new murder mystery novel. As he takes you inside the investigation with the Lackawanna County Homicide detectives Craig Mousillini and Sherry Springhouse who becomes infatuated with the case and nothing or no one will stop them from solving this murder that has rocked the electric city.