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Florenza Lee
Author, Service Provider
When Life Gives Us Wind
Florenza Lee, author
When Life Gives Us Wind Hi, I am..." Book Series ® This is the 2nd book in the "Hi, I am..." Book Series ®. This book series highlights the joys, sorrows, challenges, and amazingly awesome adventures of being a military family. When Life Gives Us Wind, beautifully illustrated by LaTay Harris is about a little girl named Xiamara whose mom is in the military. Mars, as her mom calls her loves being a military child. She loves moving to new places, learning new languages, and eating new foods. Mars is very adventurous and becomes excited each and every time her mom comes home with orders for a new assignment. One day her mom says she has received orders to deploy. Believing they are going to move again, Mars gets super excited and does her happy dance. Her mom then explains that families are not able to go during deployments; Mars is not going away, only her mom is leaving. Mars is filled with many questions. Some will be answered, many will not. What Mars does learn is that she is about to begin the most amazing adventure of her life. Although written with military families in mind, this book celebrates all families and teaches children the power that comes with being connected to their entire family tree. When Life Gives Us Wind is sure to become one of your child's favorite books. Currently in Illustration Projected Release Date: Spring 2019
Charming Story with Diverse Characters

What a charming story! The illustrations are bright and absolutely beautiful. I really love that the main character has vitiligo but that this isn't made a big deal of; it's just part of the character, part of who she is. As an author of children's books with diverse characters, I thought that was pretty neat. Also enjoyed the bit at the end with the fun facts on the lizard! Good book for families celebrating a birthday and considering getting a pet.