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L. C. Hayden
Author, Contributor, Editor (anthology)
When the Past Haunts You
L. C. Hayden, author
What powerful forces would drive someone to cross the line? For Harry Bronson, a startling call spirals him down a path he thought he’d never take. Bronson’s long lost sister calls him asking for help. Bitter with the memory of their last goodbye, Bronson ignores the plea until finally he’s forced to relent. He flies to Pittsburgh to meet her at a state park they both held dear in their childhood. When they first see each other, she runs to him. An unknown sniper shoots her and she dies in his arms. Driven by guilt and remorse, he reconstructs her life. He tangles with her ex-pimp, now a powerful mafia figure, a billionaire steel magistrate, a congressman who dreams of being the next President, a questionable lawyer, and a ruthless, ice-cold killer known as the Raven. The novel’s twists and turns will leave the reader breathless. When the Past Haunts You goes beyond the simple mystery novel. It explores family relationships, bitterness, and forgiveness. If Bronson is to solve his sister’s murder and ultimately become a decent human being, he must confront yesterday’s ghosts that hound him When the Past Haunts You.