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Where Acorns Landed

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

'Where Acorns Landed' is a contemporary fantasy set in France, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and one or two other places beyond the reach of any atlas. Lowell has shut himself away from the world, seeing himself as something of a feral, wolf-man hermit abandoned to the deserted wilds of his lounge. His one companion is an old 1940’s radio. But this is no ordinary radio. The radio has its own free will, tuning when and where it wants. Lowell has fallen under the spell of the only voice the radio tunes to and because of this he rarely leaves the lounge.
Review on Goodreads website

Great book! Dark and funny and touching at times, it keeps you in suspense until the end. Some people are weary of fantasy in a book but in this one is so well described, and full of imagery that you can totally picture it and sometimes it feels almost poetic but also blunt; the writer has done a great job mixing the fantasy with our modern world. The characters are also believable, and are brilliantly different from each other. It’s just different from anything else I’ve read.