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B.D Donaldson
Author, Illustrator
Where Do They Go? Part 1
It's been said the average person loses over two thousand dollars of socks in their lives. Naleaha and Jaylen are about to find out first hand Where Do They Go and who is responsible for their missing socks. Where Do They Go? is a 3 part book series created by B.D Donaldson to captivate the minds of young audiences all over the world
Midwest Book Review

Where Do They Go?
Barry Donaldson
Tellwell Talent
9781773022437, $9.49, PB, 34pp,
9781773022444, $16.95, HC, 38pp,

Children: (Age Level: 4 - 8)

An unknown mystery has hit the Wilson household. While doing laundry Ms. Wilson discovers that she is short of one sock. She is convinced that her children Naleaha and Jaylen are behind the strange disappearance.

Wishing to locate the missing object she confronts them. Both deny they have any knowledge of where the sock may be located. She does not believe them and gives them the choice to either find the item or be grounded from their beloved video games.

Naleaha and Jaylen devise a scheme to find the missing article. Will their plan work? Will their detective skills reveal something that is assured to be out of this world?

WHERE DO THEY GO is filled with beautiful illustrated pictures that bring the story to life; each one is rich in detail that seems to breathe life into the overall significance of the story. I was impressed with how the author cleverly weaved a sense of mystery into the overall plot. I feel that any child would be delighted to discover such a wonderful and entertaining book.

Barry Donaldson is an outstanding author. I can tell that he has put a lot of thought process in writing this book. I found that his writing style was a smooth and enjoyable reading experience, one that is assured to appeal to a large audience. I feel that this book should be considered as required reading for pre-school children for it is one that will appeal to their inner being. I can very easily see it become a highly popular series