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Stenell Myers
Whippin Debt's Ass
Has something or someone ever made you feel anger, frustration, and rage that you wanted nothing other than to put your hands on them? This is what debt did to me. I was not getting anywhere. Just living check to check with no budget, no plan, and no financial future. You are about to read my financial perspective on finances and the steps I took to not only get and stay out of debt but help others do the same. Are you ready to apply the tools I am sharing with you so you can whip debt's ass budget, save, invest, and live? I HAD A DREAM, AND YOU ARE READING THE OUTCOME We are executives of our lives and the choices we make. We choose to do what we want related to our life and our finances. The money we have has no power. We hold the power. We make our own choices, and we write our own book. We will no longer make excuses about money we do not have and instead, learn to be good stewards with the money we do have.