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Who Could Have Imagined . . . Change Your Perspective, Transform Your Destiny
It’s Not How You Start…It’s How You Finish Before moving to the States, Aliette enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the Bahamas. But life changed abruptly when she became pregnant at twelve and married at thirteen. Written off as a teenage mom and high school dropout, Aliette made a discovery that would change her life again: Faith. With God—along with the power of prayer—Aliette surmounted obstacles that would have imprisoned her in poverty and ignorance. She worked hard for an education, ultimately building a successful career in medicine. She worked hard on her marriage, today celebrating over thirty years together while raising three terrific sons. And she continues to work hard, every day, for the betterment of the world around her. For Aliette, a change in perspective transformed her destiny through faith in God and oneself.