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Eric Meade
Whole Mind Facilitation: How to Lead Workshops That Change People, Organizations, and the World
Eric Meade, author

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Publish)

“Wow! Where did you learn to facilitate like that?” That’s what your colleagues or clients will say once you have facilitated a workshop using what you will learn in this book, including: -An overall philosophy of facilitation -How to plan an agenda and what exercises to use -How to choose a venue and set up the room -How to facilitate discussion and mediate disagreement in large groups -And much, much more Whole Mind Facilitation also presents a simple workshop design that any facilitator can use in virtually any situation. Follow the book’s guidance to tailor this design to your unique circumstances, and you will be well on your way to facilitation success!
Jessica Hartung, Author of The Conscious Professional: Transform Your Life at Wo

“Eric Meade’s approach is not just one way to facilitate, but a robust set of tools and methods for producing change-making workshops. Eric has honed his craft through his experiences helping clients see their future differently. His book will be valuable to anyone responsible for facilitating effective group decisions, planning meetings, or retreats.”