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Jo Richings
Whoops, There It Goes Again! How to stay positive when the bottom keeps dropping out of your world.
Jo Richings, author

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Jo Richings has endured her fair share of testing and soul-destroying hardships. With a list that includes obesity, domestic violence, cheating husbands and breast cancer, Richings has developed not only a solid toolbox of solutions but a unique perspective on the world. In her new book, Richings tells her story in a raw, honest yet amusing way and then guides readers to smash through their own adversities to emerge victoriously. ‘Whoops, there it goes again!: How to stay positive when the bottom keeps dropping out of your world’ is part memoir, part self-help book and a step by step guide to a happier life. Synopsis: Let’s jump in with a couple of questions… Have you ever felt like the bottom has dropped out of your world? Do you feel like life keeps on throwing you curveballs? Curveballs like awful illnesses, life-threatening diseases, heart-breaking losses, messy breakups or soul-destroying divorces? Or perhaps it’s wayward kids, mounting debts, bankruptcy or losing your job? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is definitely the right book for you. ‘Whoops, there it goes again!’ is split into two parts. The first part is my story so far. It’s a story of bullying, domestic violence, failed marriages, debt, obesity, cheating husbands, breast cancer and losing my lovely mum. These are just some the things that have caused the bottom to drop out of my world. I’ve learned that when life throws you a curve-ball, rather than sitting around and throwing a pity party, you just have to knock the damn thing the hell out of the park! I write from the heart - no holds barred. My story is intended to make you laugh, inspire you to look at your own lives and to remind yourself that hard times don't mean the game is over. Part two includes all the tools and techniques that I have used to completely change my life. These are the exact same tips, tools, tricks and techniques that I have used to: · Deal with years of childhood trauma, bullying and low self-esteem. · Stay positive and motivated despite numerous curveballs. · Transform from an unhappy, stressed, obese workaholic who never exercised, to a happy, relaxed, fit, and one-hundred-pounds-lighter, lover of life. · Become a successful social entrepreneur; creating tools, programmes, and apps that make a positive difference in the world. · Create a level of wealth, happiness, and abundance in my life that I’m immensely grateful for every day. I hope that they help you too! Jo says “I’ve learned that the only thing we can expect in life is for things to happen as they will, outside of our control or our plans. In some cases, that just happens to be the bottom dropping out of our world—at least one, twice, or sometimes more. Some of you, like me, will have only just started the “repair job” when it will drop out from under you again. That’s life, I’m afraid. Curveballs are to be expected. Part one of the book is a whistle-stop tour of my life so far and the numerous curveballs that have come my way.” She continues, “I passionately believe that armed with the simple tools and strategies you will learn in Part Two of this book; you will be able to build your emotional resilience muscle to overcome ANY challenge, now and in the future. When things are tough, remind yourself that your track record for getting through bad days so far is 100%, and that's pretty good. Your body and heart will heal, new relationships will blossom, kids will get back on track, and new jobs or careers will appear on the horizon. That’s what makes life so exciting, we never quite know what is around the corner.” Although the book was only launched a few weeks ago, initial feedback has been extremely positive. For example, Michelle comments, “I have read many inspirational books, but Jo’s positive, infectious, and straight-forward approach beats all of them. I have never been so moved, inspired, and determined to overcome and change. Jo’s story is emotional, but she explains how she turned her life around. It’s extraordinary. She clearly outlines the steps she took to conquer some traumatic experiences and why she now teaches these techniques to help others. I learned so much. I now have a ‘toolbox’ of strategies, tips, and techniques to raise my game and take on and succeed at anything I put my mind to. Everyone should read this wonderful book.” Award-winning business coach, Rob Carter, adds, “An inspirational and motivational story, delivered with humour, vulnerability, deep understanding, and warmth. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from reading this book. Thank you, Jo.” ‘ About the Author: Jo Richings is a successful Business Coach, Happiness Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Social Entrepreneur who loves creating things that make a positive difference in the world. Her recent creations include the HappiMe app – an innovative app designed to raise self-esteem in children and adults, and a children's book called Oscar Meets his Worry Chimp. She lives in Bristol, UK.