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Wildfire! Kameika & Joey Prepare
Kameika and Joey are riding home from school together. They notice the fire danger sign has changed from low-risk to extremely high-risk while they were in school today. What does this mean? Readers join Kameika and Joey as they prepare for a potential wildfire. Then follow them when they are told to evacuate to safer locations because of a nearby wildfire. And the devastation when one of their homes is lost to the wildfire. Along the way, Joey and Kameika learn about Go Bags, defensible space, and making a fire escape plan. How many ways can you get out of your bedroom? You will learn with Kameika and Joey as they learn how to prepare and be safe. Educators & Parents Wildfire! Kameika and Joey Prepare will start the conversation and provide families who live in wildfire-prone areas with resources and tools, while offering knowledge and understanding for families who live elsewhere. Joey and Kameika show kindness, support, and friendship throughout the story. Parents will appreciate the valuable message of compassion and empathy. Grown-ups and children alike will be both entertained and educated by Wildfire! Kameika and Joey Prepare. It's critical we are prepared and educate our children. Fact boxes, Q&A with a Fire Captain, and evacuation tips are some resources included in this book. Keywords: Wildfires;EmergencyPrepare;Science;Nature;Evacuation;natural disaster;defensiblespace