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Andi Hayes
Author, Illustrator
Willow and The Teardrop Forest
Andi Hayes, author

Surrounded by phlegmatic, gossiping pine trees in an enchanted forest, a lonely and tenderhearted weeping willow discovers he has a special gift for helping woodland creatures in trouble. His interactions with others -- including a herd of telepathic horses and a flock of winged eyeballs -- serve to offer insight into the complexities and contradictions of human nature while teaching a reverence for animals and the world beyond.

Amazon Reviews


1. Willow and the Teardrop Forest is a beautiful story told by wonderfully humanized spirits of nature, reminding us that a positive, kind and caring world is what we should strive for. You feel like you know the author very well after reading this with its treasure of lovely lessons that teach children many morals they’re no longer being taught today. It was a great pleasure to see the stunning illustrations that support the story as well as the beautiful vocabulary. This is a book that will be enjoyed by readers of any age, although I can't think of a better story to be read to children at bedtime. - Diane Furst

2. Willow and The Teardrop Forest speaks to the human heart and emotions in a way few stories today can. If Aesop were alive, he would have written this. The story will stay with you long after you put the book down. It is impossible to read this and not envision it as a full-blown movie! - Michael Ventarola

3. “A Serious and Substantial Piece of Work – Not Just for Children”: The energy and professionalism that it takes to produce a serious and substantial piece of work is immediately evident in Willow and The Teardrop Forest. The wording is excellent, as is the sentence structure, flow and rhythm. The tone, consistent and most appropriate for the subject, creates the right atmosphere and mood which brings to life this "fantasy" world of thinking, feeling and talking trees. I can hear an adult smoothly reading it to a child. And like all good works, the whole of the book is greater than the sum of its parts. - William Kohn

4. This is a fairytale fable in the form of a arboricultural animal farm - fortunately not as topical, but just as clever in its subtleties when approaching politics and ethics. Children would easily enjoy the story of the magical forest, while also learning the moral responsibility humans have with nature. The otherworldly illustrations are a beautiful accompaniment, incredibly useful for sparking the reader’s imagination. - Max Shackleton