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Kenneth Maher
Wind of Change
The Soviet Union dissolved a year earlier, and hope is high that a new era of cooperation between East and West is dawning. In Russia, the old rules under Communism have faded, but the new rules have yet to be written. Recent American graduate student, Ken Maher, embarks on an unexpected journey through post-Soviet Russia. He encounters numerous Russians and westerners, all trying to adapt to and succeed in the “new” Russia. Throughout his journey, Ken aspires to make a personal contribution to building trust and friendship with former Cold War foes. His youthful enthusiasm and naïveté are tested by both Russians and Americans who struggle to overcome historical and cultural biases.
Douglas Hunt, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Missouri and Award-Winning Essayi

"The principal strength I see is the writer’s ability to create scenes that tell the story and to present those scenes from the perspective of the wide-eyed narrator—his younger self. This isn’t a dry, objective type of non-fiction. It has qualities that make me think of a good movie, often a somewhat comic one."

Dr. Carolyn Perry, Westiminster College

"Ken demonstrates his mastery of storytelling as he weaves together fascinating personalities, strange and amusing incidents, and big questions about history, culture, and cultural clashes. Each chapter offers fresh insight on life and business in Russia in the early 1990s, while delighting the reader with captivating characters and new adventures. I found the book hard to put down, as I not only thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but found that its insight couldn't be more timely.  Highly recommend."

Erin Britton, Manhattan Book Review

"Wind of Change relates Maher’s remarkable two-year odyssey across a country in the throes of immense change, a journey that saw him attempt to forge ties between Russian and American businesses during a time when both sides were still deeply suspicious of each other. Maher offers a uniquely American perspective concerning the situation on the ground and so elucidates experiences of the upheaval in Russian life, rarely to be found in mainstream accounts of the early years following the collapse of communism. An enlightening addition to the literature on post-Soviet life and the rapidly changing nature of US-Russia relations, Wind of Change details Maher’s fascination with the Russian people and culture, and in doing so, ignites the interest of readers in learning more about all things Russian." 

Foluso Falaye, San Francisco Book Review

"Wind of Change takes the reader on a remarkable, adventure-packed odyssey in Russia that involves liquor-fueled business meetings, memorable food experiences, and daunting encounters with Russian law enforcement personnel and skeptics of Americans. The book also provides important information on the most effective ways to approach international business collaborations involving countries in the early stages of switching from socialism to capitalism. An intriguing read with several unforgettable scenes, it will challenge readers to think more critically about international relations and world governments."