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Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction

Adult; Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening; (Market)

Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction contains an introduction and 10 chapters that explain how widely spread is erectile dysfunction among men of all ages all over the world, describes how the environment surrounding us can alter the levels of testosterone in men generating erection function problems, provides evidence of the remarkable health benefits of having sex on a regular basis at any age and specially at an older age, describes the different organs and the key elements for men to have a successful erection, explains in detail the different sources that could generate erectile dysfunction and how to avoid being affected... introduces effective alternative treatments for ED to discontinue, what has become the massive use of oral prescription drugs such Viagra and synthetic testosterone therapy replacement drugs. The book introduces clinical trial results that provide evidence about the effective use of natural herbs, dietary supplements, nutrition and smoothies in replacing traditional medical treatments for erectile dysfunction, explains specific next steps to change our lifestyle and to recover from erectile dysfunction.


Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction is a very well written and well researched guide to understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction and in learning how to prevent and treat the disorder. A wealth of information is presented here. The book is precisely written in a way that can be highly respected by the medical community and yet is informative and easy to understand by the average reader. The author has done an excellent job at presenting very in depth and detailed explanations on every point. He has included multiple diagrams to further explain his research. I highly recommend Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction by George Vidaurre to all men interested in preventing and treating this common disorder.