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Lou Grimes
Winter's Wolf
Lou Grimes, author

Want to dive into a world full of werewolves, magic, and witches?

"Something about his eyes changed. For a moment, his eyes dilated to an unnatural size. The color transformed to an insane shade of gold. The feeling of being prey took over her for one terrifying minute. But, something crept forward from the dark recesses of her mind. Whatever the darkness was, it was ugly, and it didn’t like to be challenged."

Louvette Blackwood never even knew her own father's name until a lawyer shows up on her door step to execute her grandfather's will. She soon finds out that her grandfather was murdered while searching for her father. At first, they are hesitant to sign the will, but quickly realize that a fresh start in Montana is what they need after she was kicked out of yet another school for fighting. A life changing year packed full of uncovering the truth, new friends, and new enemies is about to start!