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Juliet Freyermuth
Witch Fire (The Sundancer Mysteries Book 3)

While fighting an ancient, primordial god known as the Green Man, Nick St. James found out a secret that would change his life forever. A secret that explained why alcohol and abuse filled his childhood. He thought he could leave it all behind. Then someone or something attacks his mother and puts her into a coma. Now Nick must head to Las Vegas and confront both his strained relationship with her and a shadowy cartel that wants her dead. With the help of his voodoo practicing girlfriend, his vampire ex-partner and a goddess who might just help him or chop his head off (depending on what her pet lizard tells her), Nick must survive the night and figure out how to protect the ones he loves. But it’ll take a good amount of luck to survive Vegas. Especially when the house always wins.

Plot/Idea: 7 out of 10
Originality: 6 out of 10
Prose: 8 out of 10
Character/Execution: 7 out of 10
Overall: 7.00 out of 10


Plot/Idea: Witch Fire returns to the world of the Sundancer Mystery series in which figures called 'Watchers' guard against a magical underworld of beasts, Gods, and other creatures of legend.

Prose: Brian and Juliet Freyermuth write in an energetic, humor-filled prose style that succeeds in making the extraordinary supernatural circumstance feel commonplace.

Originality: While Witch Fire borrows from paranormal conventions, the authors blend in a wealth of paranormal legends, evoking a menagerie of beings in the most unlikely of places to keep readers on their toes.

Character/Execution: Nick St. James is a likably enigmatic character attempting to overcome his dark family legacy. The authors fill out the cast with Nick's girlfriend, her ticked-off brother, and other figures of human and other origin. While the series tosses in just about everything but the kitchen sink, the deadpan humor paired with brushes of horror, is a winning formula.

Date Submitted: August 31, 2023