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Wizard - Fools Gold
This is the second in the Wizard series. Jonathan Barrow, master illusionist and his team again are called on for a dangerous and important mission. A Russian mafia organization has plans to destabilize the worlds metals market and making them filthy rich. The mafia has teamed up with a British aristocrat with the intent of destroying three of the top producing gold mines in South Africa. If successful, the price of gold would skyrocket. Over a period of time they have been buying quantities of the precious metal. The MAGIC command center with collaboration from MI6 have discovered what appears to be abnormalities in the purchases, raising suspicion something is amiss. The first part of the mission is to discover what, if anything, is really going on which leads them to the English connection. After some illusion, espionage, and special effects James Bond would die for. The team ascertains the target appears to be mines in Africa, and not just one mine but three of the richest deposits anywhere in the world. The second part of the mission is to find out exactly what is involved and what they plan to do. The third and final piece of the puzzle is to prevent the act from happening while the general public never obtains knowledge it could have created financial market unrest. What they do not know is the Russians also intend to rob the gold reserves at the locations, unbeknown to their British partner which could be worth hundreds of millions if the market does what they believe it will. Captured team members, a changing plan and schedule by the mafia, having to deal with multiple locations, and the unknown parts of their plan make this one of their most difficult missions. The captivating finale shows the true diversity of the team and sets up for another possible mission...this one not one they intended on taking on.