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Wolf: A Novel of Love and Tyranny
K. M. Kaung, author
A university student in Rangoon, Burma (now called Yangon, Myanmar) during the great 1988 Revolution (a year before Tiananmen) is fleeing from the dreaded MI or Military Intelligence, when a girl driving a white Mercedes brakes to halt and tells him to get in the back seat. From this start, Mothi Awegoke (his name means August Hailstorm) lives a strange live fighting the junta on the Burma-Thai Border and traveling the world on a fake Burmese passport, advocating Democracy. Follow him to the great capitals of the world and their slums. Meet the men and women in his life. Live through demonetization, when money is declared no longer legal tender, the anti-Chinese riots, the great 1988 upheaval. See the Decay that is Burma. A bit like China, a bit like Russia, a bit like Cambodia, this novel will make you laugh and cry.