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Words at Work
"Words at Work," winner of National Best Books Award, shows you how to create business writing that rocks! From entry level to C-level, you’ll learn how to stand out in the workplace and marketplace. When you finish this book, you'll be able to: 1) organize information creatively, 2) write in a clear, conversational style people want to read, 3) add creative writing techniques such as similes, vivid verbs, and rhythm to keep your readers reading, and 4) edit like a pro with hard-to-find tricks of the trade. (Editing is more important than writing! Good writing is really good editing; bad writers just stopped too soon.) “Words at Work” includes writing techniques to overcome fear of writing; double your writing speed; start fast, finish strong; and make your messages stick. Also includes brainstorming tools; storytelling techniques (a hot business topic these days); and other time-saving, attention-grabbing techniques gleaned from my long career as an award-winning author and journalist. This handy book provides a wealth of advice, including specific exercises to prompt business writers to write well. Unlike most business-writing courses and books that are dry and dull, “Words at Work” is a breezy, well-written how-to guide packed with writing tips and tools plus stories with universal appeal about writing in the workplace. McDaniel illustrates some of her lessons with personal challenges and failures, which may be the best teacher. Information and inspiration is at the heart of this book because McDaniel believes that everyone can learn to write well—and she proceeds to explain how to do just that. Thomas Moore, bestselling author of "Care of the Soul."