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Sandra Matheson
Words That Make the Heart Sing
There is no other book that can lift up, encourage, and give invaluable advice and direction for today's life and living, then the Holy Bible, God's inspired Word to us. It is a marvelous thing to hold the scriptures in your hands and begin to learn all that God has for you to be victorious in this life and not to be stressed out and overwhelmed. This book will give the reader a solid ground and great hope to live a life with promise through spiritual instruction. As the reader reads through each chapter, each verse, and through the prayer of application, a new life will unfold and victory will replace defeat and discouragement. We must remember that our spirit needs fed to support our mind. The Word of God should not be "just okay", it should be outstanding and invigorating, inspiring meditation throughout these days. God's Words are always meant to be "Words That Make the Heart Sing".