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Writing to Make Money: Short Projects

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Publish)

There's nothing like depositing cold, hard cash earned from hours spent at the keyboard. Money to pay the bills, afford a vacation and buy things you need. In small bursts of time, writers will be surprised at what they can accomplish in short projects to boost a bank account and improve self-confidence. Such victories propel them toward more lucrative assignments as they establish the skills needed to succeed and the published work to prove it. WRITING TO MAKE MONEY: SHORT PROJECTS provides 75+ strategies to help you earn money—maybe a living—by writing. Avenues covered: fillers, hints, humor, recipes, short non-fiction, greeting cards, resumes, on-hold messages, parodies and more. Also learn how to set yourself up as a profitable writer, what mistakes to avoid, and how to drive more business to your work life.