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WTF* Is Wrong with Our Health (*What the Food)?

A rebel physician's manifesto for reversing disease and increasing smiles, this feisty, funny, and deeply caring book presents a radical view of nutrition. Includes discussions of why Abnormal is the New Normal, The Generation of Degeneration, Why Jesus Had a Six-Pack, and Dr. Tostado's "80/20 Way to a Sensible Diet."

"Knowing how to maintain optimum health with a sensible and enjoyable diet should be common sense," says Dr. Tostado, "but too many people continue to feed their diseases and chronic discomfort instead." Featuring true-life stories of how Dr. Tostado's prescription for health has reversed diabetes, weight problems, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and other common, chronic problems, this book presents a concise introduction to detoxification, understanding why highly processed foods are bad for health, and how to make whole, fresh foods the cornerstone of a healthy way of life.