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Yesterday's Mail
Five of today's Best-selling Christian Authors weave five unique, connected stories where lost mail finds unexpected purpose. Sleepless in Seoul by Alana Terry When Derek leads his church on a short-term mission trip to South Korea, he's definitely not expecting to find out the woman working with him is the same woman who broke his heart over twenty years ago. Like Ships Passing by Cynthia Hickey One transposed number threatens to sink love before it gets started. Chasing Pearl by Hallee Bridgeman A package lost in the mail since 1940 brings a modern couple together in a miraculous way. Operation Posthaste by Chautona Havig A nine-year-old boy finds a bag of mail from WWII in the attic of their new house and makes it his personal mission to deliver every piece before his mom finds out. Yesterday's Mail by Amanda Tru A Christian post office clerk uses her police officer background to investigate lost mail and solve a mystery that has plagued her small town for years.