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Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road, Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane!
Stress is the Black Plague of our Age. The pace of life in the Digital Age is too much for many without the “false wizards” of pills, alcohol, binge-eating and digital addiction. This is life in the A.S.A.P. Lane (anxious, stressed, addicted and pressured).I use the Wizard of Oz story to illustrate that we were all watching the story of our lives when seeing what we thought was simply a children’s fantasy tale. Brain fog, heartbreak, and the need for courage at critical times, just like the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, are parts of all of our lives. Sadly, so is the temptation to seek out “false wizards” to fix what’s wrong with us. Opioid overdose deaths in 2017 alone exceeded the combined casualties from the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Obesity and suicide rates are at record levels. The message of the book is that there is an exit ramp from the A.S.A.P. Lane, our God-given breath, our very own Yellow Brick Road. This is our path to our very own Emerald City—a calm mind.