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The Five Elements and Yoga

The five elements are earth. Yoga and the five components dictate that they have a place in our body and they have a place in the universe. Pilates classes Mississauga

Integrating the five components and yoga is important to our mind, body, and wellbeing as the elements would be the framework for virtually everything and our physique.

Seasons relate to the elements, dishes, (constitutional types), times every day, meals, activities, the way in which we practice yoga, how we practice yoga, even how we practice a certain pose pertains to the components and poses themselves are easily categorized into the elements.

It is also said that personal challenges and our deepest difficulties are tied to the components, by learning to recognize the various element-related disorders thus.


The earth element is all about becoming grounded. One of the key pieces to help the hectic life of balance one is to incorporate the earth element. The physical place within the body is at the bottom of the backbone, the origin. The energy of the Earth represents heaviness, stability, rootedness. To channel, the ground element exhalations are practiced by us because the reduced body is all part of the earth element and lots of standing poses.

Join more layers of the ground element into your life: think about putting on a couple of things off of your list. Stay home and have quiet time. Take a walk in nature or have a meditation Get your toes.Yoga teachers training Mississauga

You will turn into a more stable, solid, reliable human being who is more present and focused.

Spicy foods: meat nuts, legumes, root vegetable foods, oatmeal.


Not light as Earth but less delicate as the components and as dense. Heavy trendy, liquid, contribute to cleansing movement and clearing. Associated with the second chakra, the Sandstone. The sacrum is the region of the human body. As far as the yoga poses, whatever pertains to the sacrum or hip opening attracts water. We promote hip opening practices that create ease and freedom.

Water relates to the hips as well as the sacrum and the waterworks of boundaries, bladder, kidneys, emotions and the body.

In our life, we want to be more aware of our emotions. Enable them to flow through. How do you manage emotions? Do you squash these? Do you give yourself permission to feel? Can you allow them to take over? We wish to hit the middle ground between the two.

Being around water brings relaxing and cooling qualities.

To balance out this component, drink plenty of water, eat foods that are high in water content, watermelon, cucumber, mango, anything. We go inside water bodies to swim or water that is near.

We become more fluid and find bounds and feel of control. We observe our behaviors: Are you overly controlling and if something doesn't go as planned you freak out? Are your fluid and lack of construction? We would like the ground.

Meditation: alternate nostril breathing and sit observe the breath, and bring your consciousness to the sacrum (orange) and picture orange spinning discs and envision the coolness of the water.

We can't survive without water. In the pitta season, in hot summertime, balance out the heat.


It is the source of light and creates and destroys, symbolizing the soul in many beliefs. The fire component deals with digestion growth that is spiritual. It governs the way we turn it and process our food. It reveals how we break down and process life experiences and turn them into maturity, wisdom, and awareness within the course of our lives. Building fire is just one of the keys to creating change. hot yoga Mississauga

Indigestion is an issue it reveals there is a disruption of the intelligence of the fire element. Emotionally and mentally if we are unable to process something, we start to get a nagging sense of anxiety that we can't let go of our minds get suck repetitive thought patterns.

Fear comes up in many different ways- the yoga practice would be to break the fear down and be in a position to move forward with love and confidence and joy to live the life of our fantasies.

Passion is cleanup, and fear is a factor and it purifies all in its path. It cleanses all impurities' yoga and cleans the slate allowing a new story to be written in its own place.

The best gift their instructor can be given by a student is a bundle of sticks. You are asking the instructor to burn, in giving this gift to them. The flame helps you eventually become a greater force for good in this world and to glow brighter.

A fire within the entire body is created in certain positions, particularly standing positions, and offers energy and “will" power. In our yoga practice, fire is a particular focus in any posture where we want to create power, warmth and resolve, or in vinyasa flows.


Air is the element related to a fourth chakra or the heart. It has a great deal of potential and a lot of power. The air element is the origin of mobility. It seems clean and light. Air refers to both the breath and creating space.

The breath is the basis of yoga because without breath life does not exist. Air is what conveys the very important energy or “prana" through the human body and the universe. On practicing pranayama, or breath control, restraining or prolonging breath with 20, in your yoga practice focus.

Breathing techniques can strengthen your mind and steady your willpower and commence change