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You Are A Genius
Dan Wedin, author
"Your Are A Genius" is the story of how I collapsed in a Cardiac Arrest and "died" for six minutes according to the attending EMT's who used a defibrillator to shock me back to life before racing me to the hospital. While recovering I found a series of "affs" or affirmations coursing through my brain, even over the morphine drip they'd attached to my arm. The affs came to me with no conscious thought, they were just "thought loops" emanating from my subconscious through the power of "Auto-Suggestion". Given five years to live with Congestive Heart Failure I sprang into action with my affs informing my every day since. My heart has returned to full function, my brain escaped any ill effects (a cardiologist at the hospital called me the "Miracle Baby"), so common with Cardiac Arrest, and I look forward to many years of writing and thriving as a human being. "You Are A Genius" gives you to tools to focus and empower your brain's incredible capacity to pursue any plausible goal. Once you begin you'll find that soon the affs return again and again via auto-suggestion and the brain's "automaticity", where automatic thoughts overcome the often negative thoughts and feelings so common to human existence. You can do it, and you can get a tremendous amount of help and inspiration from "You Are A Genius".