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You Are A Genius
Dan Wedin, author

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

"You Are A Genius" is the story of one man's journey from being dead for six minutes due to a massive cardiac arrest to recovering while noting a series of powerful affirmations coursing through his brain. His recovery was so swift and so sure, after all, a cardiologist had told him he had but five years to live, that his wife encouraged him to write a book. "You Are A Genius" is the product of that effort and the author used the techniques in the book to stay on track and complete the book and then publish it. "You Are A Genius" will help you focus and empower your brain to the point that any plausible dream you hold hear becomes not just possible but inevitable. Read "You Are A Genius". Feel the power of your brain shift as your thoughts improve every day in every way. It's exciting, it's fun and the results are tangible. And who doesn't want to feel better every day in every way? It's here you, just read the book and launch your own personal journey of growth and achievement.