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Meera Jhogasundram
Meera Jhogasundram, Career Transition Coach, Author, PhD Candidate

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Create)

Your experience of the outer world is a reflection of your inner reality. Heavy emotions long-forgotten, are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. Are you aware of their existence? Do you understand the extent of harm that can be caused by harbouring and nurturing dark energies? What you choose to believe as resolved and no longer existent, may still be present in your reality. Perhaps you realise this. You may even choose to ignore it. Darkness will overwhelm you if you allow it. While it may not be pleasant to address the negative emotions weighing you down, YOU ARE THE LIGHT provokes positive action despite resistance from within. You will understand that which has been holding you back. You will appreciate the lesson it brings. You will be grateful that it is never too late to illuminate the darkness within. Above all, you will realise the need to free yourself from the shackles of negativity and soar to your highest potential. As you journey through Meera’s words, you will choose to face the undesirable that surfaces. You will choose to resolve the unresolved that has been crippling your life, once and for all. You will be motivated to overcome any resistance that has been thriving within. YOU ARE THE LIGHT is Meera’s second wake-up call for living your best life. It is a reality check for living your life to the fullest. Choose not to miss it.
Career coach Jhogasundram continues her self-improvement series with this reflective exploration on overcoming negative emotions. Drawing on her personal experiences with each one of seven “forms of heavy energy”—grief, fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, hatred, and hurt—she offers readers coping skills and encourages them to bring about positive changes by no longer dwelling in negative energies. Jhogasundram warns that the vulnerability of these negative emotional states can lead to being manipulated–and to avoid that outcome, she offers several routes out of the darkness, including channeling grief into positive actions, asking questions to minimize fear, focusing on gratitude to counter jealousy, and avoiding triggers and gossip to defuse hatred.

Readers will appreciate Jhogasundram’s personal candor in this encouraging guide. She details a long career in a toxic work environment, reveals her challenging interactions with an abusive graduate advisor, and opens up about painful childhood experiences, such as neglecting one of her pets. Although some of her stories are light on details, readers will gain a solid sense of her struggles in younger years, and her guidance is simple enough for immediate action. Some of her more helpful advice is incorporated into the chapter on hurt, when she urges readers to reframe hurt as a symptom of emotional depth and view it as an opportunity for growth.

Audiences who balk at more holistic ideas—like the law of attraction that Jhogasundram cautions is a powerful natural truth—may find some of the teachings in this guide challenging, but overall Jhogasundram clarifies difficult subjects while adding commonsense appeal. In the interest of connecting on an emotional level with readers, she blends a personal touch into more logical concepts. Readers seeking extensive in-depth analysis will want to look elsewhere, but for those who feel limited in their current situation without understanding why, this quick unpacking of negative and positive energies will suffice.

Takeaway: A candid self-help guide that teaches how to reframe negative emotions in favor of positive change.

Great for fans of: Andrea Bonior, I.C. Robledo.

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