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You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy's Guide to Marriage
Bob Marsocci, author
More than 2 million guys get married every year in the United States alone—and most have no clue about what to expect once they say, “I do.” A newlywed guy doesn’t know the “10 Fatal Words” his wife will spring on him days before her birthday, and he definitely doesn’t know why he can’t just throw away her “bag of bags.” But no longer. In You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, formerly clueless husband, Bob Marsocci sheds light on what guys can really expect once they tie the knot. If a guy wants to avoid hearing "You exhaust me!" from his wife, reading You Exhaust me can help.
Readers' Favorite Book Reviews & Bright Copy Book Review

Five Stars: Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews  

A hilarious opening paragraph about what to expect after you say “I do,” in You Exhaust Me, Bob Marsocci explains how once the ring goes on, husbands give in to their wives on just about everything and anything, so learn to live with it. Right from the start, this book is humorous and I thought the author must be a comedian in real life … this book sounds like part of a stand-up comedy routine.

You Exhaust Me is a funny take on marriage. This book is a real page-turner that keeps you entertained throughout all the topics. This marriage survival guide provides unconventional guidance and helpful advice about some of the common things you can expect from your wife. Bob is very observant in relationships and the difference between men and women. I advise every couple to read You Exhaust Me and you’ll find yourself agreeing with his observations.

--- Barbara Fanson, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews


Four Stars: Bright Copy Book Review

"I was laughing out loud. I want to thank the author for the shout out to women in the beginning of the book. I related so much to the birthday chapter, it’s unreal.The hall passes at the end of the book were a really cute idea, and much needed. All in all, this book was fully entertaining."

-- Alyssa Campbell, Bright Copy Book Review