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Rick Sanford
You Go To My Head
Rick Sanford, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

‘You Go To My Head’ is a new collection of short stories. It includes ‘The Sudden Flight Of Mr. Banks’, ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘A Night At The Opera’. Also included are ‘Jack Be Nimble’, ‘Straight, No Chaser’ and ‘How Greene Was My Valerie’. The six stories vary in length from flash fiction to novelette. These six stories are based on and closely follow the plots laid out in six song lyrics written between 1980 and 2001. In each story, the characters, their activities and the situations they find themselves in, observationally and as particpants, are restricted by the original structure and order of the lyric but are freely extrapolated into detailed, intimate narratives that evolve naturally and lend meaning to what were oftentimes abstract prose in the original lyric form.
Apple Books

Not to be missed!You Go To My Head, is a fascinating collection of short stories, each seemingly focused on an event insomeone's life - changing a flat tire in wet snow, choosing music in a record store after a day's work. Soon thecharacter's inner thoughts and feelings are revealed in careful detail, and the reader discovers that there ismuch more to learn about the person. Sanford's writing is beautiful, smooth and compelling. Readers will becaptivated as much by his style as by the stories themselves.captivated as much by his style as by the stories themselves

.* * * * * May 31, NyonyaS

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Brilliant and absorbing

This beautifully written, deeply thoughtful story is reminiscent of the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago in its precise rendition of bracing observation and quiet narration that envelopes the events of the story without clamor but with heightening suspense. A pleasure to read.


***** Jan 12, Arcsterra

Apple Books

Rick Sanford's compelling story, The Sudden Flight of Mr. Banks, begins as a rather gloomy tale of a mysterious Englishman (we never learn his given name) whose life seems to be stuck in an unchanging pattern. Sanford's story is beautifully written - detailed and expressive. We are drawn to Mr. Banks' life from the beginning, and we continue to read because we need to know how his story ends. He is not disappointed, and neither is the reader.


***** -Ruby Ludwig