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  • 04/2023
  • 979-8-9876310-0-3 B0BZK3W3LH
  • 114 pages
  • $10.00
John Reinhardt
Service Provider
You're Driving Me Crazy!
John Reinhardt, author, book designer

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Publish)

Don't drive another mile before reading this book!

Most states require drivers to know the rules of the road to get a license. We expect people to follow these rules and drive safely and properly. Just because they know the rules, doesn’t mean they obey them!

In order to develop safe driving habits, we should always expect other drivers NOT to follow the rules. Anticipating these situations is this is key to developing safe driving habits. 

We know what we should do, but do we know what others are going to do? Understanding everything that can go wrong around you will give you a good chance of avoiding accidents. 

This book will help you recognize dangerous driving behaviors and situations, what to do to avoid problems caused by these, and how to avoid doing them yourself. With these three tools, you will be able to enjoy many safe years of driving.

If you drive, this book is for you!

In this no-nonsense guide to driving habits to be avoided, longtime book designer and debut author Reinhardt provides a roadmap for being a safe driver. “It has been 55 years and an estimated one million miles of driving since my last ticket, accident, or fender-bender,” he muses, noting that he is not a professional driving instructor. “Over the years, I have studied the art of driving and have kept notes about the bad driving habits I have seen.” And they are legion: cutting other drivers off, the dangers of rude gestures in the age of road rage, going straight in a turn-only lane, following a car through a red light, backing up on exits, and entering an interstate too slowly among them.

The author thoroughly proves that common sense isn’t often common, by using data to back up his points. For instance, tailgating (the author’s chief pet-peeve transgression) is among the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S., and the top offenders live in Idaho, Georgia, Nebraska, Utah, and Virginia. A more sobering statistic notes that 805 children have died in overheated vehicles since 1998, with 88% of them age 3 or younger. Then there’s the mind-boggling: more than “80% of drivers admit to dangerous behavior while driving, such as changing clothes, steering with a foot, painting nails, or even shaving”—and, of course, the ubiquitous issue of texting.

In addition to offering best practices, Reinhardt also provides sage advice on how to deal defensively with those bent on violating the rules of the road—including by dangerous passing and blaring music so loud it causes the cars around it to vibrate and wearing headphones while driving. The result may avert accidents. Veteran and newbie drivers alike can learn (or re-learn) sensible and safe driving rules designed to keep everyone behind the wheel and inside the vehicle safe.

Takeaway: Sensible lessons on driving safely when everyone else refuses to do so.

Comparable Titles: Hank Wysocki’s How to Drive a Car, Karen Gravelle’s The Driving Book.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: B+
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A

Abigail L.

Take control of the road and put an end to reckless driving . . . This is a game-changing book that calls upon drivers to prioritize safety and take responsibility for their actions on the road. Through its insightful and engaging content, this book sheds light on 101 dangerous driving habits, making readers aware of the risks and consequences associated with these behaviors. By offering practical guidance, the author empowers drivers to recognize and avoid these perils, ensuring a safer and more harmonious driving experience. You're Driving Me Crazy! stands out with its interactive challenge, encouraging readers to actively participate in identifying these hazardous acts and making a positive change. This book is an invaluable resource for drivers of all levels of experience, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent accidents and promote a culture of responsible driving. Embrace the transformative power of safe driving with this new work.


Great gift for the newer driver or hint gift for that driver that makes you nervous! This is a fast just-the-facts read. John gets right to the point with each of the 101 ways that we all sometimes do the wrong thing on the road. Kick back and enjoy the reminders about driving too fast or too slowly, not turning right without stopping, spinning your tires and throwing rocks, forgetting to signal turns, driving with burned out headlights, or too bright lights, not merging correctly, failing to remove snow from your hood or roof, following too closely or entering an interstate too slowly, backing up without looking, or not watching for motorcycle or bikes. Read for new info, read for a refresher, or read for the fun of identifying how the other guy messes up. John covers it all. When you’re done, share this book with someone else. The tips are too important to keep to yourself. 


This would be a great book for Driver's Ed class.


Very relatable. The descriptions and events listed in this book happen everyday. It's so important to get this into all driver's hands, new and seasoned! Well done!

David Kolatch

Accolades to John Reinhardt for creating a real gem for new drivers as well as those of us who have been hitting the road for years. Subject matter that could have been dry and tedious is anything but. And CRAZY! is also easy on the eyes. John's talents as a book designer shine through from page to page. I'm about to order a bunch to give out to family and friends. Highly recommended for anyone you care about! 

Deb Strubel, Grants Consultant, who hates to drive but has had only two accident

The need for this book is huge! John’s writing style is concise, colloquial, and straightforward. He doesn’t belittle the bad driver. He simply encourages and exhorts us to do better, starting now. 


 I think this book should be made compulsory at schools or all those who wish to obtain a driver's license must read and understand this book.

Fishel Jacobs

It’s straightforward, clear, extremely helpful, and absolutely practical!

Finally, The Book Man, came out with His own book!

I’m recommending it to all my friends!

And, I’m reading it for the second time!!

Hager Salem

Driving is a dangerous act by its nature. Many people underestimate that. Many people also add to the dangers of this act through their reckless and irresponsible behaviors. The problem is, when you make a mistake or an irresponsible act while driving, you not only affect yourself, you put the lives of people around you in danger. So, though driving is an individual act, its impacts affect everyone. Therefore, we should all be careful and follow the rules to make sure we are all safe in the end. In You're Driving Me Crazy!, John Reinhardt explains what kinds of mistakes people can fall into while driving, how to avoid making them yourself, and how to avoid them when other people make them.
   First, I like the choice of the title of the book. It reflects the natural sense of humor the author has throughout the book. The book's nature can get boring sometimes, but he manages to make it lighter. Also, I appreciate the writer's high level of observation and that the book covers all these mistakes. I like that the book isn't too long. I also like that the advice is clear and applicable.
   I didn't find anything to hate about the book. It was easy to read and understand. I liked that the pages weren't jammed with words. I also liked that I could see the words clearly. In addition, the book received professional editing. I could only notice one minor mistake that didn't affect my experience.
   As a person who is still learning to drive, I found some good tips in the book. Some of them may sound like common sense to some people, but we still see these things on the road. Therefore, I rate this book five out of five stars.
   I recommend the book to people who are learning how to drive, especially young adults. I also recommend it to people who are having difficulty with their driving or don't know how to avoid other people's mistakes.

Jared A. Doob

A book about driving? That has about as much appeal to me as a book about watching paint dry. But, I’d thought I’d check it out while I was looking for resources on how to teach my son to drive. He is about to turn 16 and I have a fair amount of apprehension about my easily distracted, video game obsessed kid behind the wheel of a potential killing machine. I’ll take any help I can get to make sure he is safe and knows what to do while in the driver’s seat, or even the passenger seat with his friends. This book was PERFECT! It is a quick read that is beneficial for new and veteran drivers alike. The tips and return to common sense reminders were a huge help when working with my son and a great refresher course for me. Who knew I had taken on so many bad habits?! I am now recommending this book to all of my friends with similarly aged kids and the feedback is unanimous: This is a must read for ALL drivers. 

Joyce Marshall

John has a way with words that specifically gives you examples of what to do and not to do to be a safe driver for yourself and your family and others on the road. The book is concise and specific with examples that make it very clear to the reader. Nice job John! 

Congratulations on your first book!  

Kathleen S.

Your driving book was the best of books to read multiple times during the time immersed in working with you on it--it needs to be read multiple times! Everyone who reads it in good faith will likely come away with a better approach to driving and some new good habits learned. For my part, I've sharpened up my driving habits, things that had become so rote I didn't even think of them anymore (but should be thinking of them), as well as learning new things I'd never thought of. --P.S. And enjoyed your humor. 

Lea Ward

This book should be a required reading for all who drive on the roads. Parents with youthful drivers should buy this book!! It in will definitely reduce your insurance rates over time.


This was a humorous driving guidebook. It presents many situations that are helpful for people to understand and review. Many people can benefit from this review (or learn for the first time).

Lisa B.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my I'm Canadian so some of the words don't apply, but the basic information does. The dashboard projectiles are my pet peeves. I always picture them embedded in my forehead, Great book to refresh what drivers ed taught you or forgot to teach you.

Michael Esslinger, Author of Escaping Alcatraz:: The Untold Story of the Greates

Let’s face it, driving is one of the most important and essential skills we learn over the course of our lifetime. For most, it’s the pathway to great adventures and basic access to the necessities of our society. Crafted with a recipe of humor and key insight to critical skills that not only will help a new or seasoned driver, but offers solid advice on developing or even breaking old habits to make our roads (and even parking lots) a better place (both in safety and civility). Whether for yourself or a gift for a new driver, John’s book is essential reading and a book you’ll will want to share with friends.

Philip Scheidt

This is the first time in my life I read a book from cover to cover in one day. One of the 101 I experienced as I was getting on the interstate when Bozo the clown got on behind me and passed me on the ramp and was in the third lane where I was going to be and I almost ran out of road as the as the entrance lane ended.

Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide. Making mistakes on the road not only endangers your own life but also everyone around your proximity. You're Driving Me Crazy! is a helpful handbook that lists 101 driving habits people should avoid on the road and the necessary precautions to take in front of the steering wheel. With over 55 years of experience and an estimated one million miles behind his belt, John Reinhardt offers us invaluable insights into the "art of driving." He urges us to develop good driving habits and advises us on the challenges associated with driving. These include keeping proper driving distance and avoiding tailgating, driving in the wrong lane, drunk driving, road rage, speeding over the limit, using phones while driving, merging lanes, and many more.
     You're Driving Me Crazy! is a must-read for newbies and experienced drivers alike. John Reinhardt uses all his experience and passion for driving to provide you with the necessary tools to help you become a safe and conscious driver who enjoys the art of driving and on whom others can rely. Within these pages, you will find every bad driving habit you must avoid, covering all aspects of driving in meticulous detail. Reinhardt keeps the content concise and clean, using humor and light-hearted banter to make the reading experience all the more entertaining. All in all, a fantastic coffee table book everyone will enjoy and find educational. 

Sam Lorino

 Loved it! Every teen should have a copy. 


Sean Jones

I am at the age where I get to say things like get off my lawn! This book has given me more to complain about :) There are many fascinating facts and statistics behind each of the 101 bad driving habits that support the author's claims about bad drivers. I mean, we all see it every day. No one is as good a driver as me unless you are in the other car. Please read it, learn it, and pass it on to others!

Steve Stanley

This is the perfect book for anyone who operates a motor vehicle. The inexperienced driver will learn the proper etiquette to safely interact with others on our roadways. For the seasoned driver you will find yourself reflecting on your own driving style. This book contains a ton of information in a fun, concise and easy to read format. Great gift for the driver in your life! 

    I did not know it is a good idea to have your wheels aimed straight before making a turn while stopping before making that turn because if you are rear ended you could be pushed into another lane

Sue E.

"You're Driving Me Crazy!" goes beyond mere education; it invites readers to partake in an interactive challenge to identify these hazardous acts on the road. Join the author's mission to put an end to driving madness and reclaim road safety. Get your copy today and gain the author's insights into safe driving while receiving 101 actionable suggestions on how to prevent accidents by being mindful of your surroundings both inside and outside your vehicle.

Tricia Salebra

Great Read!! Fun, Facts, Humor and great advice! Enjoyed every page.

Youssef Joul

 I understood that the book is useful for someone who is still learning and also for a person who has difficulty driving. It discusses the dangers of driving and how important it is to be careful when driving and follow the rules to ensure safety for all. The review mentions that the book was praised for its humor, clear advice and applicability, which makes it interesting, thank you.

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Paperback Details
  • 04/2023
  • 979-8-9876310-0-3 B0BZK3W3LH
  • 114 pages
  • $10.00