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  • 06/2018
  • 9781732034907
  • 236 pages
  • $15.95
Michael Delman
Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay
Do you do too much for your kid out of fear they will never make it in the world without your oversight? Are you frustrated or worried about your 'tween, teen, or young adult who seems lazy or unmotivated? Do you see your child unable to reach their potential because they are disorganized, scattered, and can't manage their time? In Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay: Building the Executive Function Skills Your Child Needs in the Age of Attention, Michael Delman tackles the big worries that keep parents awake at night. In a conversational tone informed by deeply-rooted expertise, Delman illustrates how to connect meaningfully with your child and encourage habits that lead to success in school -- and in life. Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay helps parents understand the critical skills needed for effective self-management and provides specific strategies and tools to help kids become motivated, accountable, and independent. Through engaging stories that illustrate how we all build Executive Function skills, Delman demonstrates how kids can change their habits as they pave their own path toward competence today and confidence in their future. Parents of kids with ADHD or other learning differences - or parents worried about how their child can manage distractions will benefit from Delman's experience as an educator, an Executive Function coach, and as a parent.

Quarter Finalist

Plot/Idea: 9 out of 10
Originality: 9 out of 10
Prose: 9 out of 10
Character/Execution: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9.25 out of 10


Idea/Concept: Your Kid's Gonna Be Okay is a practical and engaging handbook for parents  that provides guidance for parents on communicating effectively with their children. Delman offers  thoughtful tips for promoting healthy social and organizational skill development.

Prose: The tone is conversational and accessible. Organizationally, the work flows clearly and is easy to navigate. The narrative balances genuine advice with concrete suggestions for practical application.

Originality: The book's originality lies in its holistic approach. Delman provides insights from the author’s own experiences as an educator, while drawing from and synthesizing existing research and resources.

Execution: Delman's book is very well executed, providing insightful knowledge for adults striving to nurture the growth and healthy development of their children. Delman writes with confidence and compassion, ultimately delivering sensible and relevant advice.

Blurb: A book of immense value to parents and educators alike.

Date Submitted: October 03, 2019

Delman, founder of the student coaching company Beyond BookSmart, offers a coherent and accessible approach to helping kids function effectively in the “Age of Attention,” a period when everyone must struggle to optimize “the most precious commodity we have: our time and our attention.” He focuses on the executive function skills that help students set and achieve goals, such as managing impulses and emotions, starting and staying focused on tasks, prioritizing, planning, organizing, and problem solving. Throughout, Delman weaves in anecdotes from students he has helped as well as from his own children (for example, an app one of his daughters initially called “dumb” proved very useful in helping her regulate time spent on her phone). In numerous “Something to Try” sections, Delman equips parents and kids with invaluable problem-solving resources: students with writer’s block can try simply writing “blah blah blah” a few times to get over the hump, those with reading problems are given specific “active” reading strategies, and kids struggling with decision making can create a useful “decisional balance sheet.” Thanks to his reassuring tone, Delman leaves parents with a well-stocked toolbox of practical ideas to help their children organize and navigate their schoolwork, schedules, and lives. (BookLife)
David Gleason Psy.D., author of At What Cost? Defending Adolescent Development i

"Delman’s highly personalized writing and storytelling – from his years of experience as an Executive Function coach and from his many years of being a parent – not only clarifies what is actually meant by the term, “Executive Function,” but also, explains in remarkably accessible terms and with enlightening anecdotes, how to foster these essential neurocognitive skills in children and adolescents as they face the increasingly demanding “curriculum” of their daily lives. Without a doubt, teaching kids these Executive Function skills is equivalent to giving them the tools they need in their efforts to meet the demands of their teachers and parents. This book gives adults the tools they need to empower children and adolescents to meet their “bosses’” expectations." 

Ellen Braaten, Ph.D., co-author of Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up

“Finally, a book that tackles both the emotional and cognitive issues of executive functioning! This book offers the extraordinary gift of knowledge, wisdom, and empathy for parents and educators who are struggling to understand the child with executive function weaknesses.  Michael Delman – who has years of experience motivating children to achieve their best – has crafted a masterful resource that deconstructs the complex issues in executive function skills. It provides a wonderful roadmap for parents seeking answers by explaining the unique way children may engage in the world while giving practical solutions to overcome these challenges.”

James and Janice Prochaska, co-authors of Changing to Thrive

“Michael Delman expertly and empathically applies the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change to guide parents in helping their children progress through the Stages of Change to enhance their Executive Functions.“

Kirkus Review

A blueprint for teaching responsible habits to young kids.Debut author Delman’s opening assertion in this bracing book is solidly optimistic: “Scratch beneath the surface of kids who seem lazy, oppositional, or bored, and you’ll usually see young people with opinions, drive, and skills.” Throughout these quick, informative chapters, Delman, the CEO of student coaching company Beyond BookSmart, gives his target audience of parents practical and thematic advice on how to implement less coercive and more cooperative parenting methods. Many of these revolve around encouraging “Executive Functioning” skills, which involve long-term planning and perspective—essential components to future success and happiness. The skills specifically center on controlling impulses, doing unpleasant but necessary tasks, setting priorities, staying mentally flexible, and, especially, focusing one’s attention effectively. The book is cleareyed about the fact that young people can struggle in an age in which technology allows so many things to compete for their attention. The book’s style is concise and upbeat, even when it’s addressing issues such as boredom, recalcitrance, and defiance. Along the way, it provides parents with many different approaches to these and other age-old problems—and it offers many prompts for parents to check themselves along the way. Many of the author’s approaches are eye-openingly simple. In a discussion about setting goals, for example, Delman argues convincingly for ditching vague generalities (“be a better student”) in favor of doable specifics (“improve my English grade this quarter”). The book’s lack of condescension and fault-finding is also a revelation.An insightful and fresh approach to parenting.

Peg Dawson Ed.D., co-author of Smart But Scattered

"Delman draws on deep veins of experience—as a parent, teacher, and executive function coach—to produce a book that captures both the daily challenge of parenting and his optimistic view that most kids turn out okay. Written with humor and compassion, he masterfully uses personal stories to bring his advice and strategies to life. Enjoy the book for the stories and the humor—but bookmark the strategies, because you’ll want to access them quickly as teachable moments arise and beg for a creative response."

Paperback Details
  • 06/2018
  • 9781732034907
  • 236 pages
  • $15.95