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Kyle C Becker
Your Power to Change
In this book you will learn: techniques to gain conscious and deliberate control over your fears, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, and responses to life. how to acknowledge your fears and limiting beliefs, and how to create a burning desire to overcome them. how to free yourself from spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical entanglements that are holding you in your past and preventing you from focusing all your power on achieving your dreams. who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world around you. how to design your ideal self and create a plan so you can begin to embody that ideal now. Your Power to Change is the distillation of the wisdom collected from the books, seminars, podcasts, meetings, and personal experiences that helped the author in his own life as well as the lives of countless individuals all over the world.

This book is very different from other self help books I've read. It isn't a quick fix which is good because they rarely work. It doesn't promise instant change. Instead, it's a road map to long term, lasting change. Step by step, using fresh insight and ideas, it takes you from why you are unhappy with your life, through how you can change using the power of You. Instead of feeling defeated, you feel empowered. I really like the worksheets and exercises throughout the book. Not only do they help keep you on track, but they will be helpful to review throughout the journey.