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YOUR POWER UNLEASHED - How Savvy Women Use Courage to Get Promoted Get Paid and Find Fulfillment
Kisha Wynter, author
From the creator of the DIVA Method®, Kisha Wynter, comes a transformative guide for women navigating the corporate world. Your Power Unleashed: How Savvy Women Use Courage to Get Promoted, Get Paid, and Find Fulfillment is for astute businesswomen ready to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled professional success. Drawing on the insights and lessons developed in Kisha’s coaching programs, Your Power Unleashed lays out practical strategies for corporate women looking to succeed in their career. •\tBreak free from self-doubt and imposter syndrome as you embrace newfound confidence and resilience. •\tNavigate organizational politics strategically with practical tools to increase your visibility and gain influential allies. •\tCultivate a robust network of advocates, mentors, and sponsors to propel your career. •\tStep confidently into the winner’s circle at work, armed with clever strategies to shield yourself from professional landmines.