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Roe DePinto
Author, Illustrator
Zealy's Very First Swim
Roe DePinto, author
In this second edition, Zealy, with the help of her daddy and Whubba, learns the most important means of survival for a sealpup is to be able to swim. For Zealy, after a day of practice with Whubba, and her daddy’s teaching lessons, it becomes second nature to her very easily! Zealy finds swimming so much fun with Whubba, she even learns to do some simple tricks! Enjoy Zealy’s and Whubba’s fun day of learning to swim and lea Frning to love and care for one another. Sharing the fun times is the best lesson they could learn! Let your child enjoy these two precious characters and they will learn too the life lessons of survival, safety,and companionship as well. Watch their eyes light up with smiles as they read Zealy and Whubba! "What is indeed an epic storyline for tiny tots to read or have read to them, the masterful combination of words and drawings provide a subliminal world of comfort, peace, generosity, and love." -Beth Adams, Pacific Book Review