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Zero Is The Key
On a crisp, California autumn night, Declan and Dalya discover a sinkhole which leaves them with strange powers they cannot possibly explain. But when they realize their lives are in grave danger, the eighth graders embark upon an epic quest to investigate the source and purpose of their powers. Guided by cryptic riddles and clues from a mysterious group of people, the twins travel to mesmerizing sites throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas to find answers. During their journeys, ancient secrets about the origin and plight of the human race unfold before them, secrets that will forever change their lives. Meanwhile, another more sinister group is hunting the twins to obtain their powers at all cost.

If I'm honest I didn't think this would be my sort of thing. Happily I was pleasantly surprised & I really enjoyed it. Even though the story follows a pair of teenage twins (one reason I didn't think I would enjoy it), anyone of any age will enjoy reading it & there is pretty much something for everyone. I particularly liked the historical facts, which were cleverly integrated as part of the story, learning without even realising it ;-) It is a fast paced story with plenty of action & adventure, in some parts you are on the edge of your seat watching & waiting for the outcome, hoping the twins will outsmart the bad guys, as you try & work out if ? is really on their side or not!
I told my son bits about the book as I was reading it, he's at that age where he only reads when made to at school. Imagine my surprise when he asked if he could read this sometime!
In a nutshell Zero is the Key is a cleverly written, fast paced book full of action, adventure & intrigue which I highly recommend to everyone.