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Wendy Cottiers
Zhang Legacy
Wendy Cottiers coined the phrase "GMO-Disease" in her nutrition book, Healthy is Not a Size; It is a Lifestyle. This Holistic Nutritionist has now released her first sci-fi romance novel, Zhang Legacy, translated into 10 languages. The idea came to Cottiers in a dream about a Xian Warrior saving a young girl from a mega-tsunami. No one has built five-star luxury resorts in outer space, including landing pads with full-service bars and Michelin restaurants, and that sparked a business deal: What if a billionaire commercial real estate developer teams up with the perfect family that can guarantee a lifetime of endless infinity? Infinity is the direct sequel where they will unfold secrets that Southampton is home to Shareholders of the Geonomics Cloning team founded by Dr. Richard Slate III. Unanswered questions come to fruition about space tourism. Will the 24-karat tokens be used this century? Did Amida fall off Devil's Peak? Can Garnet be a clone? Ultimately, we discover they knew more than they shared in Zhang Legacy.