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David Pereira
Zicky Wayne and the Helmet of Hades
In the year 2100, planet Earth has been completely destroyed by climate change. The last humans live trapped inside glass bubbles at the South Pole. When Zicky Wayne, the last robot repairman, returns to the bubble, accompanied by his best friends, he discovers that all the inhabitants have disappeared while a strange ship emerges. They sneak aboard and meet Zibel Hellinin, who shows them that life has always been controlled by a malevolent being, the Puppet Master. In this first volume of the saga, they will be led by Zibel to a planet frozen in time, in order to obtain more information, so that they can defeat this mysterious being. The action will take place in Thomar (Portugal), where they will discover that there are hidden artifacts of great value that could help them, but to do so they will have to face a terrible monster in the service of the Master of Puppets.